“Jessica was extremely accommodating and always there when I needed her – whether it was for advice or encouragement! She is the full package. I loved the online program that she created and it was perfect for me. It fit my busy lifestyle and it definitely helped me become more conscious of my eating habits! Thank you Jessica for being the best trainer I could have asked for and being with me every step of the way!”

-Julia Swank


“Jessica helped me with my drive and she gave me such positive encouragement to keep that motivation going! Super thankful for Jessica and adore how sweet she is!”

-Faith Naomi


“Best personal trainer out there!!! Jessica has every trait you would want in a personal trainer. She was accommodating to the mom life by doing sessions with my two-year-old at the house, she taught me more than just how to work out but how to change my lifestyle for the better, and she was always there with positivity on the days that I was “not in the mood” or ” not feeling great”. I truly had the best experience having Jessica as my trainer and I highly recommended her to anyone that wants to change their lifestyle or have that accountability in your workouts and meal plans.”

-Ashlyn Duffin


“Jessica is so caring, encouraging, and dedicated. Her goal truly is to help women look their best, be their HEALTHIEST, but most importantly, feel good about themselves. She is a wonderful role model, and is their for her clients all the time. I highly recommend her!”

-Beverly Burke


“First off, I would like to recognize Jessica Backurz for her dedication to not only her own health but to mine and others as well. She cares for each of her clients as if they were her family. She genuinely cares for each person on a personal and individual level. I met this angel when my family moved into a tiny apartment across from her. Her radiant smile made me feel warm and welcomed. I have never looked the way I wanted to and her kind words always made me feel like my journey was where it needed to be but still gave me the push I needed to succeed. I have never done a personal trainer thing because of money, pride, and suspicion of it not working. Jess made the plan easy to follow and her workouts were about 30 minutes of pure torture. By the end I felt soooo accomplished and sore the next day. I have another goal to meet but I am just using all the tools that she has given me to further my success. I have learned to eat better, workout like a champ, become comfortable with weight lifting, and most of all…I have learned to love myself and the progress I make. The way that she treats each of her clients is genuine. From a person level of knowing Jess, I can tell you that she IS that genuine. It’s never an act. She has quite literally changed my life in the best way and gave me a strength about myself I didn’t know I had. I can never thank you enough!!!! Please know that I am going to miss you so very much and plan on messaging you often. I wish you nothing but the very best in all your adventures!!”

-Torri Prchal


“Not having an active workout schedule in the past, Jessica has been a great PT in supporting my training objectives. She is focused, committed and I have been able to see continual improvement from my sessions. Signing up with Jessica was one of the best things I have ever done! She makes it fun and enjoyable to train and she is very motivating and encouraging! I am going to miss her.”

-Sue Wallace