Hello, I am Jessica Backurz. I am a health nut with a passion for helping others in this massive world of fitness. I am more than just a personal trainer and fitness coach. I am a close friend to my clients. Finding you way can often feel awkward and uncomfortable and I am here to make that transition as seamless as possible. I was once that awkward, unconformable, beginner and it can be very intimidating. However, if you have someone to guide and teach you as I did (my mom) it makes the learning stage enjoyable and exciting! I have found so much joy in fitness over the years and I want to bring that joy to others through education in fitness and health. My goal is always to make you feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

My love for fitness was planted back in high school and it has grown into the most beautiful part of my life. I now get to call my passion a profession. Having a passion to go to every day, in place of a job is a complete blessing.  I am excited each day to do what I love and to share that with others.

I am a girls, girl who loves to build up other women. Simply put, I shed off all the layers of self-doubt and negativity and expose the confident, beautiful woman that has been there the whole time, waiting for her moment. I am all about embracing who you are and bringing your best package.  

I want to help others feel the happiness that I experience now. I am here to be that helping hand and that reassuring voice that you can and you will!