Carb Intake and Muscle Growth

I get so many questions about my workout split, so here it is. I base all my workouts around my food intake. After my high carbs days I feel unstoppable, so naturally my leg workouts are the very next day. I want to grow my lower body so my high energy days are for legs. Even on my low carb days I stack the my highest carb meals before and after my workouts. This is because your muscle need to be replenished after going through so much breakdown. The way to building strong, healthy muscle is through consistency in workouts and your carb/protein intake. Ladies, do not be afraid of carbs! They are your bestfriend when trying to grow your muscles. You just need to know when you eat them. Stack them around workouts, especially when training the muscles you want to grow. For example if I am training glutes, I eat my carbs before I train them. After my workout is finished I immediately drink my protein shake (before I leave the gym) then head home and eat my sweet potato or white rice.

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